I make complex things, simple.
I work at the intersection of technology, creativity & business to make a strong impact.

Hi there! I'm Jas.

I'm a product and user experience designer who also dabbles in code.

I am a User Experience Manager at Axtria — Ingenious Insights, where I combine creative, technical and business goals to build digital experiences for the healthcare industry.

I've also co-founded a few different companies and started some projects in the past: CVmill, a service that delivers professionally designed résumés; and Creative Cranes, a design agency for small businesses.

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More about me

I've been creating for web + mobile for around 11 years and have worked with hundreds of companies, of all shapes and sizes. I love thinking about product design, development and busines; and I'm very grateful for getting the opportunity to work on all three.

These days, much of my focus is spent thinking strategically about design systems; customer experiences; creating easy-to-use interfaces for not-so-easy problems; and occasionally coding through the night.

I live in the cool-but-quaint tricity Chandigarh with my wife Anjali and our 1 year old daughter, Kaaira.

My wife, Anjali, and I
/ Above / My wife, Anjali, and I

Fun Facts

  • I lived in Australia for about 9 years, and have a special place in my heart for Sydney.
  • I have a family dog, a Shaded Tri Beagle, named Milo.
  • My taste in music varies from Sufi-Rock and Jazz, to Ambient and 90s Hip-hop. I'll usually pick one track and play it on loop for the entire day.
  • I am a Startup Leadership Program (SLP) alumni.
  • Before falling in love with design, I was planning to become a network specialist and have my M.C.S.E. and R.H.C.E. certifications to prove it.
  • I'm starting to get really into hand-lettering as a way to unwind, so you may find me doodling randomness on paper.

Get in Touch

I am usually active on Twitter and would love to connect — find me at @JasrajSuri. You can also send me an email at hello@jasrajsuri.com or use the contact form to drop a note.

I look forward to hearing from you! ✌️